In order to ensure the highest quality experience for both On-Site and Online Participants, IMSSB offers a combination of hands-on experiences and online activities.

On-site Workshops will be held in different locations in Bucharest, by both Romanian and international lecturers. These will cover a wide range of topics and will offer unique learning experiences, exclusively for our On-site participants. Learn the craft of your medical speciality of choice, or navigate through the unknown and take on a workshop in a new field!

Online content will include a number of our signature Diagnosis workshops, first introduced in 2020 – interactive experiences held in a prerecorded ‘Bandersnatch’ format. Explore procedures and investigations and carefully think decisions through, in order to successfully solve the proposed cases. This way, participants that cannot attend IMSSB in person can still benefit from attentively crafted workshops, from the comfort of their own home.


This year, you are the master of your own scientific programme! Using your 20 tokens, craft your IMSSB experience by choosing any combination of workshops, conferences and other events. Don’t worry, if there are too many events that appeal to you and too few tokens, you can always purchase extra ones, to make the most of your experience at the IMSSB!

You are the designer of your own scientific adventure. We provide our participants with pre-recorded events of the highest resolution, while they decide what image stays in the foreground, when they want to watch the presentation, what playback speed fits them best and when it’s time for a break. All of this is done by using the video functions of our platform and thus benefiting from the smoothest visual experience.

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE & ONLINE      

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE & ONLINE      

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE & ONLINE      


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