International Medical Students’ Summit of Bucharest

8th – 12th of December 2021

Approaching our 5th anniversary as an international congress that has embraced diversity ever since its beginning, we felt that we owe continuity to our community by keeping pace with the on-going changes that are surrounding us.

The idea of Summit arose in order to give students an opportunity to speak their mind regarding the current issues that we are faced in the healthcare and educational system from all over the world, thus emphasizing the pros and cons through debating.

Our common goal is to make ourselves heard and to find solutions to our concerns, while also engaging participants and scientists in becoming more aware of the environment they are part of.

Feed Switch

You are the designer of your own scientific adventure. We provide our participants with pre-recorded events of the highest resolution, while they decide what image stays in the foreground, when they want to watch the presentation and when it’s time for a break, all this by using the video functions of our platform and thus benefiting from the smoothest visual experience.


Checking in at events has never been easier! With IMSSBracelet, every On-site Participant benefits from a smart device equipped with NFC, that will facilitate their access at scientific presentations and will offer them an effortless alternative for purchasing our official merchandise, simply by charging their accessory with payment credits.

Video Quality

We want to ensure that even the online events feel like live experiences. That’s why we are offering digital conferences, keynotes and workshops at a crystal clear quality, recorded with cinematic cameras for the ultimate blend between the newest technology, the comfort of one’s own home and real-life image fidelity.

On-site vs Digital

For the first time in the history of our congress, every participant will be granted the opportunity of choosing their level of involvement in the event. Therefore, they can participate in all the activities provided by deciding to purchase an on-site package, or they can opt to be an online viewer, thus widening their scientific perspectives in front of the screen, from any corner of the world.

Digitally re-imagined


Offered by world-renowned experts, our keynote lectures are pre-recorded glimpses into each specialist’s field of expertise, allowing our participants to hear from international speakers that couldn’t be present due to the ongoing pandemic. By doing so, IMSSB offers a scientific experience that goes beyond borders, safely bringing together an international community while strictly complying with all regulations in place.

The proper way


We are proud to offer an outstanding programme, in which On-Site participants can join live conferences, carefully crafted by our speakers in order to enhance their curiosity on various medical topics. Online participants may also view the recorded conferences, from the comfort of their own home and at any time of their convenience.

On-site only


IMSSB is committed to offering a unique workshop experience to all participants, providing both On-Site and Online activities. Our On-Site workshops will be held by both Romanian and international speakers, covering a wide range of topics and involving hands-on experiences, while the Online content includes a number of our signature Diagnosis workshops – interactive experiences held in a prerecorded “Bandersnatch” format.

Main addition


Inspired by this premise ”Be the change that you wish to see in the world” and intending to step up the anniversary edition of our congress, IMSSB set out with the aim of becoming an environment for debating and discussing medical and non-medical issues, bringing together students and healthcare professionals from all over the world. Therefore, we encourage our participants to gather their ideas and dare to expose them to their colleagues while being guided on each topic by a group of specialists in the field during one of the carefully prepared roundtable meetings. In the end, a summary of the shared perspectives will be published and taken in account for further action.

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