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#Science Fair

The last two years have proven to us the power of science and of knowledge. In order to celebrate science and the people that dedicate their everyday lives to bringing a contribution to the medical world, we are deeply honored to present you a fully on-site Science Fair!

Being aware of the difficulty of accessing and conducting a research project as medical students, we felt it was our duty to bring opportunities of this kind closer to our colleagues.

Our goal this year is to put you face to face with some of Romania’s finest researchers and the students they work with so you can fully wrap your mind around what lab work as a student entails. Moreover, we would like to present some of the finest international scholarships and science contests, so as to fully immerse you in the world of science.

At our Science Fair, you will meet dedicated researchers willing to share their knowledge and experience with young science enthusiasts. Thus, by the end of the day, we hope that you will find the research opportunities that suit you best according to your preferences and interests.

And because we value the importance of hands-on activities in medical training of future doctors, you will have the opportunity to practice and develop new skills in a fun and interactive way!

Visit our Science Fair, interact with students with similar passions and a high level of curiosity, bond with physicians and professors strongly involved in research and discover the opportunity that best suits you to start your road in the research world.

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE      

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE      

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE