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All our events are available for only 22 hours, between 00:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT of the same day!


IMSCB Opening Ceremony

Organising Committee

Medical Humanities in Medical Education: Between Doing Science and Being Humane

Prof. Bogdan Popescu, MD, PhD & Assoc. Prof. Sorin Costreie, PhD & Prof. Liviu Lucaci & Prof. Ion Victor Bruckner, MD, PhD & Prof. Emil Toescu, PhD. & Gabriela Florea, MD & Ioan Mirea, MD & Delia Tulbă, MD & Natalia Dima, MD & Teodor Cristian Blidaru, MD

This year surely didn’t start off well, but let IMSCB be the happy end you deserve! 


Covid-19 and good medicine: Ethics revisited?

Prof. Ferdinand Rudolf Waldenberger, MD, PhD

Genes, Nutrition, Longevity, and Disease

Valter Longo, PhD

Getting priorities right; some reflections on a life as a surgeon

Senior Clinical Lecturer Timothy Goodacre, MD, PhD

Medical aspects of outer-space human activity - Past, Present, and Future

Asst. Lect. Adrian Macovei, MD, PhD

Open Neural Tube Defects, (NTDs). Myelomeningocele (MMC)

Oscar Guillermo Garcia Gonzalez, MD

The Future of Health & Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

Daniel Kraft, MD



A Brief Presentation of the Forensic Medical Activity

Prof. George Cristian Curcă, MD, PhD

5 Easy Steps to Win a Hackathon

Stud. Esther Hallal

ABCs: Dermatoscopy - Why Do It?

Lect. Roxana Ioana Nedelcu, MD, PhD & Lect. Alice Brînzea, MD, PhD & Lorena Manea, MD & Gabriela Turcu, MD

Endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms and cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Lect. Răzvan Stănciulescu, MD, PhD

NALS - Neonatal Advanced Life Support

Lecturer Cătălin Cîrstoveanu, MD, PhD

Telemedicine in the Era of COVID-19: home monitoring of cardiovascular patients

Oana Fronea, MD

The importance of nutrition in maintaining the health of the gut microbiota

Assoc. Prof. Maria Nițescu, MD, PhD

The need for a multidisciplinary approach in cancer patients

Maria-Alexandra Barbu, MD

Why Cardiology?

Lect. Ștefan Busnatu, MD, PhD; Sebastian Andrei Păle, MD


Prof. Ferdinand Rudolf Waldenberger, MD, PhD


Internal Medicine

Prof. Cristian Băicuș, MD, PhD

Inside the Mind of a Rheumatologist

Lect. Simona Caraiola, MD, PhD
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Asst. Lect. Octavian Munteanu, MD, PhD


Aortic valve sparing root replacement for aortic root aneurysm and severe aortic regurgitation

Assoc. Prof. Cătălin Constantin Badiu, MD, PhD & Maximilian Cristu MD

Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis of Distal Radius Fracture live operation

Prof. Philippe A. Liverneaux, MD, PhD


My 20 years in Liver Transplant

Prof. Yaman Tokat, MD, PhD

Innovation and progress in medicine. Is there a place for ethical concerns?

Prof. Ferdinand Rudolf Waldenberger, MD, PhD

How Do Cells Sense Oxygen? From the discovery of Enzymatic Sensors to clinical applications

Assoc. Prof. Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD

From Ebola to COVID19: Healthcare System Epidemic Preparedness & Response

Dr. Syra Madad, DHSc

Treatment of H. pylori in the era of antimicrobial stewardship

Prof. David Yates Graham, MD, PhD

Live Workshops

Virtual Patient Challenge by Body Interact

Live, Friday, 11th of December, 17:00 (GMT+2)



Aesthetic Surgery for Children

Prof. Dan Mircea Enescu, MD, PhD

Basics in managing nosocomial infections

Assoc. Prof. Monica Țânțu, PhD

Emergency reduction and stabilization of fractures

Asst. Lect. Mark Pogărășteanu, MD, PhD

Finally Understanding Cardiac Arrhytmias

Mohamed Dardari, MD

How to write a scientific paper

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Habil. Camelia DIACONU

Practical issues on drug self-administration in adult allergic asthma

Assoc. Prof. Florin-Dan Popescu, MD, PhD

SARS-COV-2 Patient Management

Asst. Lect. Zaharia Dragos, MD, PhD

Sugar watchers: glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetic patients

Asst. Lect. Doina Andrada Mihai, MD, PhD

Worldwide novelties in the treatment of migraines - revolutionary treatments and devices

Bogdan Pană, MD


Infectious Diseases

Lect. Liana-Cătălina Gavriliu, MD, PhD


Ioan Mirea, MD


Asst. Lect. Cristian Toma, MD, PhD


ReLEx SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction)

Andrei Filip, MD, PhD

Mastering the surgical procedure of cleft lip and palate

Assoc. Prof. Radu-Iulian Spătaru, MD, PhD

This event is going to be held LIVE, on Zoom, on Saturday, 12th of December, starting at 08:00 GMT.

There will be 3 LIVE Sessions, one for each category of our Student Oral Competition: Clinical Sciences, Fundamental Sciences and Surgical Sciences!

Clinical Sciences LIVE Session

Starting at 08:00 GMT!

Fundamental Sciences LIVE Session

Starting at 08:00 GMT!

Surgical Sciences LIVE Session

Starting at 08:00 GMT!

Clinical Sciences



Impact of Coronary CT Angiography in Evaluation of CAD : A Meta- Analysis
Authors: Sharan JHAVERI; Co-authors: Avichal DANI
Scientific Coordinators: Sameer DANI


Performance Of Non-Invasive Techniques In Diagnosing Stages Of Liver Fibrosis- A Meta-Analysis.
Authors: Rudra PATEL; Co-authors: Sharan JHAVERI, Jigar PATEL
Scientific Coordinators: Jigar PATEL


Reverse Transcriptase Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP) for COVID-19 Diagnosis: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Anita Dominique SUBALI; Co-authors: Lowilius WIYONO


Use of Immunomodulator therapy in children with myocarditis-A meta-analysis.
Authors: Helly THAKKAR; Co-authors: Avichal DANI, Vyom SHAH
Scientific Coordinators: Chetan TRIVEDI


Uterine Balloon Tamponade on The Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Lowilius WIYONO; Co-authors: Muhammad Ilham Dhiya RAKASIWI, Iskandar Purba GERALDI


Why potency of CAR T-cell therapy is still limited to hematological malignancies?
Authors: Mohammad Hossein IZADLOO

Original Studies


CT-guided percutaneous microwave ablation (MWA) of solitary Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
Authors: Hamzah ADWAN; Co-authors: Thomas VOGL


Determinants, quality of life, treatment seeking behavior for Urinary incontinence among females
Authors: Karan SHARMA; Co-authors: Parth KHANDHEDIA, Dr Viral DAVE




GWAS on Romanian population: lung cancer susceptibility loci on chromosome 1
Authors: Ioana BEJAN; Co-authors: Ana Maria BĂLAN, Elena Corina FERDOSCHI, Oana Iulia BRÎNDUȘE
Scientific Coordinators: Monica DUGAEȘESCU, Simona Elena BONCIU, Dr. Eng. Elena POENARU


Med Students’ Perspectives - When It Comes to E-learning
Authors: Maria Raluca MARINESCU; Co-authors: Laura CHIRIAZI, Cristian-Alexandru LIȚĂ, Alexandra-Floriana NEMEȘ
Scientific Coordinators: Ileana MARDARE


Neutropenia induced by cytotoxic agents used for treating breast cancer
Authors: Rodrigo Dominic CERQUEDA AUDIRAC


Prostatic Calculi Causes Reduction of Heat Shock Proteins Expression in Prostate Cancer
Authors: Toufik ABDUL-RAHMAN; Co-authors: Artem PIDDUBNYI, Vladyslav SIKORA, Roman MOSKALENKO
Scientific Coordinators: Prof. Anatolii ROMANIUK;

Case Reports


A Liver Graft Containing Hydatid Cysts. Is it Safe To Use It?
Authors: Matej CINDRIĆ; Co-authors: Anna MRZLJAK


A particular case of blood autoimmune disorder in a pediatric patient
Authors: Anamaria Romana ORGHIDAN; Co-authors: Oana Ștefania PINTILII
Scientific Coordinators: Asist. Univ. Dr. Vasile Eduard ROSU


A Rare Long-Awaited Family Diagnosis: Fabry Disease
Authors: Andreea-Petra CRISTEA; Co-authors: Andrei BURUIANĂ
Scientific Coordinators: Adina Dora STAN


A severe COVID-19 case: how to elude complications
Authors: Andreea-Irina TATARANU; Co-authors: Stefan TEODORESCU-DRAGHICESCU
Scientific Coordinators: Dragos ZAHARIA


Acute Myocarditis and Hepatitis E Virus: A rare association
Authors: George-Alexandru CHIRIȚĂ; Co-authors: Ana-Maria GORZKO
Scientific Coordinators: Thomas VACTER, Heloise EMERIAUD


Friedreich's Ataxia- A Rare Cause of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Authors: Tudor-Alexandru POPOIU
Scientific Coordinators: Anca Voichita POPOIU


Gastric cancer during pregnancy
Authors: Miruna COSMESCU
Scientific Coordinators: Ana-Maria VLĂDĂREANU


Iron Man – What Might Be The Consequences?
Authors: Davide Calin MEREU; Co-authors: Sabina LUNGU
Scientific Coordinators: Raluca Monica POP, Marian POP




MEN2A Syndrome - Multiple endocrine neoplasia with autosomal dominant transmission
Authors: Daniel DIRUL; Co-authors: Felicia DARII


Microscopic polyangiitis manifesting with abdominal pain: A coincidence?
Authors: Nikolaos KONTOMITROS; Co-authors: Chalent ALEXAKIS, Ioanna Nikoleta ANDREOPOULOU, Beatrice Elizabeth MOREA
Scientific Coordinators: Michael LYGNOS, Thrasivoulos KONTOMITROS


Multiple Sclerosis And Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: Coincidence Or Possible Association?
Authors: Hadil SHE; Co-authors: Obinna ONWUDIWE CHIJIOKE, Richard NARH-DORH, Anne-Christin GENER
Scientific Coordinators: Alina SACARESCU


Purple Urine Bag Syndrome (PUBS)
Authors: Jade SIMPSON; Co-authors: Tanyaradzwa Brandon CHIRINDA, Richard NARH-DORH, Shurouq AL-TARAWNEH
Scientific Coordinators: Dr Hani HUSSIEN


Severe Nephrotic Syndrome In A Young, Healthy Patient, with No Risk Factors
Authors: Andrada-Raluca ARTAMONOV
Scientific Coordinators: Assist. Prof. Simona-Daniela ONOFREI


Three Metachronous Primary Malignancies in a Single Parient: A Case Report
Authors: Ruxandra-Catrinel; Maria ZAMFIRESCU
Scientific Coordinators: Gabriel BECHEANU, Ioana LUCA

Fundamental Sciences



A Review Investigating the Neurological Substrate of Preterm Behavioural Phenotype
Author: Irina Mihaela MATACHE; Co-authors: Ioana GRIGORAȘ
Scientific Coordinators: Nicolae SUCIU, Dragoș CREȚOIU


Advances in Potential Biomarkers for Thyroid Eye Disease
Author: Olga CLIPII
Scientific Coordinators: Ecaterina PAVLOVSCHI


Ageing Pathways, How to Increase Lifespan and Healthspan
Author: Ștefan TEODORESCU; Co-authors: Mihai-Alin VASILESCU
Scientific Coordinators: Alexandru-Cătălin PÂSLARU


Can Research into Psychedelic Drugs Bring About a New Revolution in Psychiatry?
Scientific Coordinators: Elliott CARTHY


Neurological Effects and Potential Clinical Uses of Fasting and Ketosis
Author: Andreea-Sorina CREANGĂ


When “Time Is Brain” Meets Practice: an Overview on Endovascular Stroke Treatment
Author: Antonia COMȘA; Co-authors: Teodor AGAPE, Roxana CODREANU, Andreas GRZECZINSKI
Scientific Coordinators: Lucian MĂRGINEAN



Original Studies


Analysis of Youtube Videos on Basic Life Support Adopted for Covid-19 Pandemic
Author: Reeya GULVE; Co-authors: Anuradha JOSHI


Conformational Changes of the Influenza M1 Protein when Exposed to Environmental K+
Author: Filip MUREȘAN; Co-authors: Ana ȘERBĂNESCU, Cătălin ȚUCUREANU, Leona CHIȚOIU
Scientific Coordinators: Emanuel FERTIG, Mihaela GHERGHICEANU, Adrian ONU


Evaluation of the In-Vitro Effects of Collagen Supplements on Liver Cancer
Author: Havva TUYLU; Co-authors: Reyhan KAHVECI ULUGOL, Ranan GULHAN AKTAS, Havva TUYLU
Scientific Coordinators: Ranan GULHAN AKTAS


Examining Artefacts in DNA Samples of Follicular Lymphoma Patients
Author: Ege-Nevin APTI
Scientific Coordinators: Jessica OKOSUN


Fatty Acids Effects on Two Skin Cell Lines: An Overview of Cell Proliferation and Migration
Author: Andrei ALEXANDRU; Co-authors: Victor Stefan IONESCU, Maria DUDAU, Sevinci POP


Heavy Metals Effect on the Chemical Composition Variations in Rat Uterus Tissue
Author: Andrew Awuah WIREKO; Co-authors: Kateryna SIKORA, Mykola LYNDIN, Nataliia HYRIAVENKO
Scientific Coordinators: Anatolii ROMANIUK


Hematological Indices Related to Vitamin D Deficiency, in Childhood Obesity
Author: Ruxandra Elena MARTIN; Co-authors: Bogdana VÎRGOLICI, Horia VÎRGOLICI, Mihaela POSEA
Scientific Coordinators: Maria MOHORA




Medical E-Learning - The Students’ Take on Improvable Aspects
Author: Ana Maria BĂLAN; Co-authors: Elena MERLUȘCĂ, Elena JUGĂNARU, Bogdan Viorel VÎLCELEANU
Scientific Coordinators: Agripina RAȘCU, Marina Ruxandra OȚELEA


Morphology and Intracellular Tracking of Hepatitis Virus B Subviral Particles
Author: Marian-Aurelian CLOȘCĂ; Co-authors: Cristina SCURTU, Eduard Victor PETEU
Scientific Coordinators: Tudor Emanuel FERTIG, Mihaela GHERGHICEANU, Norica NICHITA


Serum Xanthine Oxidase Activity in Subjects with Different Body Mass Index
Author: Ivan ARSIC
Scientific Coordinators: Bojana KISIC


The Gender Influence on the Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Itraconasol in Healthy Volunteers
Author: Tijana STANOJKOVIC; Co-authors: Nemanja RANCIC, Milijana MILJKOVIC
Scientific Coordinators: Viktorija DRAGOJEVIC-SIMIC


Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of a Protein Using the Software Relion
Author: Anamaria-Teodora CIOBOTEA; Co-authors: Leona CHIȚOIU, Vlad TOFAN, Mădălina TĂLPĂU
Scientific Coordinators: Tudor Emanuel FERTIG, Mihaela GHERGHICEANU, Adrian ONU


Volumetric Analysis of Hippocampus and Amygdala in Animal Model of PTSD
Author: Milica IVANISEVIC; Co-authors: Milica KNEZEVIC, Natalija KOJOVIC


Whole Lung Transcriptomic Profiling of Neutrophilic and Eosinophilic Experimental Asthma
Author: Adrian JANUCIK; Co-authors: Marlena TYNECKA , Aleksandra STAROSZ, Arkadiusz ŻBIKOWSKI
Scientific Coordinators: Andrzej ELJASZEWICZ, Marcin MONIUSZKO

Surgical Sciences



Effectiveness of mechanical bowel preparation in adult and paediatric colorectal surgery
Author: Agilandiswari ARUMUGA JOTHI; Co-authors: Navin Raj BALACHANDRAN


Efficiency of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in the treatment of obesity a review
Author: Diana VLĂDICĂ


SLAP as the culprit behind the Dead Arm Syndrome
Authors: RĂDULESCU Rareș; Co-authors: PETRE Mihai, ENĂCHIUC Maria


Surgical Management of Severe Keratoconus
Author: Ioana Teodora MARIN


Surgery versus Balloon angioplasty for treating coarctation of aorta: A meta-analysis
Author: Avichal DANI; Coauthors: Helly THAKKAR, Sameer DANI

Original Studies


Does Advanced-DiaRem score really improve prediction of diabetes remission after bariatric surgery?
Author: Izabela KARPIŃSKA
Scientific Coordinator: Piotr MAJOR


Does COVID-19 pandemic affect the addressability of surgical patients?
Author: Marina LEONTESCU; Co-author: Florentina MUȘAT
Scientific Coordinators: Octavian ANDRONIC


Perineural nerve stimulation for acute pain management after shoulder joint replacement
Author: Natālija BURAKA; Co-authors: Ilona PIRU&SCARONSKA, Eva VITOLA
Scientific Coordinator: Inta ČERņAVSKA




A case of Madura Foot in 50 year-old male patient
Author: Darshini SHAH; Co-author: Dr. Sejal BARAD, Parth KHANDHEDIA, Dr. Shashank DESAI


A Rare Case of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis (TRAS) Associated with Pseudoaneurysm
Author: Avichal DANI; Co-authors: Sameer DANI, Krishnakumar GOYAL


A rare cause of intestine intussusception and ischemia - Meckel’s diverticulum
Author: Anna PLISZKA; Co-author: Klaudia MOżDżEń
Scientific Coordinators: Anna OGORZAłEK


An unfortunate case of bowel obstruction in a 20-year-old woman
Author: Simona-Maria TURCANU; Co-authors: Matei IUREA
Scientific Coordinators: Dr. Emil MOIS

13:30 -13:45

Malignant melanoma – two cases with different outcomes
Author: Elena MOLDOVEANU Co-authors: Sorin SOSOIU, Petre CALISTRU

13:45 -14:00

The importance of strictly respecting indications of modern techniques in breast reconstruction
Authors: Teodor AGAPE; Co-authors: Matei-Mihai RAȚĂ, Antonia-Lucia COMȘA, Andreas GRZECZINSKI
Scientific Coordinators: Dorin-Constantin DOROBANȚU, Bianca MATEI


And what if I was not only a surgeon?

Prof. Philippe A. Liverneaux, MD, PhD

Advanced Immunoengineering for Anti-Pandemic Bioengineered Therapeutics

Dr. Jacob Eli Gunn Glanville, PhD

Impossible Dreams: Everest and Eradicating Global Blindness

Prof. Geoffrey Craig Tabin, MD

The Incident Management System - How to manage a health emergency

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ronald St. John, MD, MPH

Machine learning for genetics and health: key challanges an ongoing search for solutions

Bianca Dumitrașcu, PhD

Pancreatic cancer - where are we now?

Prof. Claudio Bassi, MD, PhD



Acting on personality disorders

Ioan Mirea, MD

Asepsis and Antisepsis

Romanian Student Society of Surgery

Digestive Endoscopy and Colonoscopy


Hyaluronic Acid

Asst. Lect. Dragu Elena, MD, PhD

ENT Bundle: Why ENT? & ENT fibroscopy - from the anatomical basics to differential diagnosis

Asst. Lect. Alexandru Breazu, MD, PhD, Asst. Lect. Mihai Dumitru, MD, PhD, Lect. Daniela Vrînceanu, MD, PhD

ECG: “Real-Life” Diagnostic Value

Lect. Alice Brînzea, MD, PhD & Lect. Roxana Ioana Nedelcu, MD, PhD & Asst. Lect. Elena Bălășescu, MD, PhD

Introduction to mindfulness as a healthcare practice - for both medical staff and patients

Valérie Cioloş-Villemin, PhD

The importance of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of different pathologies

Ramona BICĂ, MD; Virgil IONESCU;

The knee from A to Z

Lect. Cosmin Panțu, MD, PhD

Why Paediatric Surgery?

Assoc. Prof. Radu-Iulian Spătaru, MD, PhD


Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit

Asst. Lect. Emanuel Moisă, MD


Alina Tudorache, MD


Monica Albert, MD


The Microsurgical Treatment of Cervical Disc Herniation

Dan Suiaga, MD, PhD

Abdominal wall reconstruction by laparoscopic retromuscular access ”eTEP-TAR”after complex incisional hernia median and left flank

Victor Radu, MD, PhD


COVID-19 Transmission in Schools. A Critical Analysis

Prof. Alexandru Rafila, MD, PhD

Exponential Technology Calls For Exponential Medicine

Rafael J. Grossmann, MD

Negleted Tropical Diseases in the context of SARs-Cov-2 Pandemic

Prof. Fabiola da C. Nunes, D.V.M. PhD

Newborn Medical Emergencies

Assoc. Prof. Radu-Iulian Spătaru, MD, PhD & Lect. Cătălin Cîrstoveanu, MD, PhD

Why Be an Entrepreneur When You Could Just Be a Student?

Lect. Ștefan Busnatu, MD, PhD & Cosmin Dumitrache - Medic Chat & Mădălin Margan, MD, PhD - Oncochain & Ștefan Iarca - XVision



Autism Spectrum Disorders - Diagnosis Continuum for Early Age to Adulthood

Lect. Rad Florina, MD, PhD



From Theory to Practice, the Parent-Child-Doctor Relationship

Assoc. Prof. Tatiana Ciomartan, MD, PhD

Good Doctor. On and offline.

Ioana Răduca, Ana Moraru

Infertility: Diagnosis and Management.

Asst. Lect. Ruxandra Albu, MD, PhD

Pregnant BLS and emergency delivery simulation

LifeSim - CEDRU for LIFE

Psychological aspects in doctor – patient interaction and communication process

Diana Stanculeanu

Real-time PCR

Asst. Lect. Cristina Niculițe, PhD

Vincent van Gogh - between art and disease

Ioan Mirea, MD



Diana Savu, MD; Andreea Diana Anghel, MD; Georgiana Carnariu, MD;


Natalia Dima, MD


Urological Surgical Treatment - From Minimally Invasive to Open Surgery in the 21st Century

Prof. Viorel JINGA, MD, PhD and Asst. Lect. Cristian TOMA, MD, PhD Attending

Mystery Games - Who is the murderer?

IMSCB Organizing Team


IMSCB Organizing Team

Game Night

IMSCB Organizing Team

Pygmalion - A Play

National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale"

My Motric - Home workouts

My Motric

Healthy breakfast by Chef Florin Dumitrescu

Chef Florin Dumitrescu

The Mystery of History - Filipescu Cesianu Museum

The Bucharest Municipality Museum

The Mystery of History - Victor Babeș Museum

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The Astronomic Observatory - The Sky and To the Moon and Back

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