#Keynote Lecture

Since a great summit day always ends with a keynote lecture, make sure you check what we have in store for you. Our anniversary edition comes with keynote speakers with years of medical experience and remarkable achievements.

Keynote lectures will be held exclusively online, by international world-renowned speakers, due to the pandemic travel conditions. They will be available from the second day, for all types of memberships.

Wherever you watch from, make sure you will bring your awareness on board. New information awaits you on every step of the way!

You are the designer of your own scientific adventure. We provide our participants with pre-recorded events of the highest resolution, while they decide what image stays in the foreground, when they want to watch the presentation and when it’s time for a break. All of this is done by using the video functions of our platform and thus benefiting from the smoothest visual experience.

     This type of event will be held ONLINE      

     This type of event will be held ONLINE      

     This type of event will be held ONLINE      

Keynote Lectures

Prof. Dr. H. C. Christoph Zielinski, MD, PhD

The Basics Of Cancer Immunotherapy

Discover cancer immunotherapy presented by Prof. Dr. H.C. Christoph Zielinski, MD, PhD, whose recent work focuses on clinical trials and targeted drugs.

Immunotherapy, the artificial stimulation of the immune system, is a promising field in the search for a cancer treatment. We invite you to discover its basics at IMSSB, presented by Prof. Dr. H.C. Christoph Zielinski, MD, PhD, Head of the Clinical Division of Oncology and Comprehensive Cancer Center in Vienna General Hospital, and President of the Central European Cooperative Oncology Group. Having completed extensive research and written over 600 scientific articles, Professor Zielinki has received numerous awards. His recent research covers a wide range of cancer therapies, with a particular focus on clinical trials, breast and lung cancer research and targeted drugs.