Here, at IMSSB, we celebrate the art of Medicine, the beauty of innovation, the excitement of bright, fresh ideas, the love for humans and humanity and the passion for discovering, learning and practicing what we all aspire to accomplish one day: saving lives.

Having that in mind, this edition’s conferences are created to enhance your curiosity on various medical topics and prepare you for your future: becoming a great doctor. 

We are proud to introduce you to an outstanding programme, which allows you to participate in live conferences, interact with the speaker and meet like-minded people, if you choose to be an On-Site Participant. You also have the possibility to view the events from the comfort of your own house, from anywhere around the Globe and at any time of your convenience if you decide on participating only online. Every conference held on-site will be recorded and uploaded on our website within 24h, in order to be available for all memberships.

You are the designer of your own scientific adventure.

All online content will be available during the Summit and 10 days after its completion. Regardless of your type of participation, we are committed to offering you the highest-quality experience that will help shape your future as a medical professional. 
We provide our participants with pre-recorded events of the highest resolution, while they decide what image stays in the foreground, when they want to watch the presentation, what playback speed fits them best and when it’s time for a break.

Stay tuned for the schedule announcement when you will find out which day your favourite medical event takes place.

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE      

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE      

     This type of event will be held ON-SITE