Accepted Abstracts

We know that making a scientific abstract is hard, but choosing the best out of several brilliant ones is even harder! After carefully analysing each paper, the Scientific Committee will select the ones to be presented. Please note that you can ask for a re-evaluation of your paper within 24 hours from the announcement of the results.

If you have more than one abstract accepted, please note that you will be contacted by our team to select which of them will be presented, given that you can not present in multiple categories (Fundamental Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Surgical Science) and you can not present more than one abstract in the same section (Review, Original Study, Case Report).

No. Section Category Abstract Title Presenting Author
1 Fundamental Original Study The gender influence on the pharmacokinetic parameters of itraconasol in healthy volunteers Tijana STANOJKOVIC
2 Fundamental Original Study Volumetric analysis of hippocampus and amygdala in animal model of PTSD Milica IVANISEVIC
3 Fundamental Original Study Three-dimensional reconstruction of a protein using the software Relion Anamaria-Teodora CIOBOTEA
4 Fundamental Original Study Morphology and intracellular tracking of Hepatitis Virus B subviral particles Marian-Aurelian CLOȘCĂ
5 Fundamental Original Study Medical e-learning – the students’ take on improvable aspects Ana Maria BĂLAN
6 Fundamental Original Study Conformational changes of the influenza M1 protein when exposed to environmental K+ Filip MUREȘAN
7 Fundamental Original Study Fatty acids effects on two skin cell lines: an overview of cell proliferation and migration Andrei ALEXANDRU
8 Fundamental Original Study Serum xanthine oxidase activity in subjects with different body mass index Ivan ARSIC
9 Fundamental Original Study Whole Lung Transcriptomic Proling of Neutrophilic and Eosinophilic Experimental Asthma Adrian JANUCIK
10 Fundamental Original Study Hematological Indices Related to Vitamin D Deficiency, in Childhood Obesity Ruxandra Elena MARTIN
11 Fundamental Original Study Examining artefacts in DNA samples of follicular lymphoma patients Ege-Nevin APTI
12 Fundamental Original Study Evaluation of the in-vitro effects of collagen supplements on liver cancer Havva TUYLU
13 Fundamental Original Study Analysis of YouTube videos on basic life support adopted for Covid-19 pandemic Reeya GULVE
14 Fundamental Original Study Heavy metals effect on the chemical composition variations in rat uterus tissue Andrew Awuah WIREKO
15 Fundamental Review Neurological Effects and Potential Clinical Uses of Fasting and Ketosis Andreea-Sorina CREANGĂ
16 Fundamental Review A Review Investigating the Neurological Substrate of Preterm Behavioural Phenotype Irina Mihaela MATACHE
17 Fundamental Review Ageing Pathways, How to Increase Lifespan and Healthspan Stefan TEODORESCU
18 Fundamental Review Advances in Potential Biomarkers for Thyroid Eye Disease Olga CLIPII
19 Fundamental Review Can Research Into Psychedelic Drugs Bring About a New Revolution in Psychiatry? Ana GHENCIULESCU
20 Fundamental Case Report When ”Time Is Brain” Meets Practice: an Overview on Endovascular Stroke Treatment Antonia COMȘA
21 Clinical Original Study GWAS on Romanian population: lung cancer susceptibility loci on chromosome 1 Ioana BEJAN
22 Clinical Original Study Med Students’ Perspectives – When It Comes to E-learning Maria Raluca MARINESCU
23 Clinical Original Study Determinants, quality of life, treatment seeking behavior for Urinary incontinence among females Karan SHARMA
24 Clinical Original Study CT-guided percutaneous microwave ablation (MWA) of solitary Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Hamzah ADWAN
25 Clinical Original Study Neutropenia induced by cytotoxic agents used for treating breast cancer. Rodrigo Dominic CERQUEDA AUDIRAC
26 Clinical Original Study Prostatic Calculi Causes Reduction of Heat Shock Proteins Expression in Prostate Cancer Toufik ABDUL-RAHMAN
27 Clinical Review Uterine Balloon Tamponade on The Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Meta-Analysis Lowilius WIYONO
28 Clinical Review Performance Of Non-Invasive Techniques In Diagnosing Stages Of Liver Fibrosis- A Meta-Analysis. Rudra PATEL
29 Clinical Review Reverse Transcriptase Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP) for COVID-19 Diagnosis: A Meta-Analysis Anita Dominique SUBALI
30 Clinical Review CABG or PCI with 2nd Generation DES In Elderly Patients with MVCAD/LMCAD? Octavian ȘOVA
31 Clinical Review Why potency of CAR T-cell therapy is still limited to hematological malignancies? Mohammad Hossein IZADLOO
32 Clinical Case Report Gastric cancer during pregnancy Miruna COSMESCU
33 Clinical Case Report Three Metachronous Primary Malignancies in a Single Patient: A Case Report Ruxandra-Catrinel MARIA-ZAMFIRESCU
34 Clinical Case Report Purple Urine Bag Syndrome (PUBS) Jade SIMPSON
35 Clinical Case Report A severe COVID-19 case: how to elude complications Andreea-Irina TATARANU
36 Clinical Case Report Iron Man – What Might Be The Consequences? Davide Calin MEREU
37 Clinical Case Report A Rare Long-Awaited Family Diagnosis: Fabry Disease Andreea-Petra CRISTEA
38 Clinical Case Report A particular case of blood autoimmune disorder in a pediatric patient Anamaria Romana ORGHIDAN
39 Clinical Case Report Microscopic polyangiitis manifesting with abdominal pain: A coincidence? Nikolaos KONTOMITROS
40 Clinical Case Report Acute Myocarditis and Hepatitis E Virus: A rare association George-Alexandru CHIRIȚĂ
41 Clinical Case Report Friedreich’s Ataxia- A Rare Cause of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Tudor-Alexandru POPOIU
42 Clinical Case Report MEN2A Syndrome – Multiple endocrine neoplasia with autosomal dominant transmission Daniel DIRUL
43 Clinical Case Report A Liver Graft Containing Hydatid Cysts. Is it Safe To Use It? Matej CINDRIĆ
44 Clinical Case Report Multiple Sclerosis And Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: Coincidence Or Possible Association? Hadil SHE
45 Clinical Case Report Severe Nephrotic Syndrome In A Young, Healthy Patient, with No Risk Factors Andrada-Raluca ARTAMONOV
46 Surgical Original Study Perineural nerve stimulation for acute pain management after shoulder joint replacement Natālija BURAKA
47 Surgical Original Study Does Advanced-DiaRem score really improve prediction of diabetes remission after bariatric surgery? Izabela KARPIŃSKA
48 Surgical Original Study Does COVID-19 pandemic affect the addressability of surgical patients? Marina LEONTESCU
49 Surgical Review Efficiency of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in the treatment of obesity a review Diana VLĂDICĂ
50 Surgical Review Surgery versus Balloon angioplasty for treating coarctation of aorta: A meta-analysis Avichal DANI
51 Surgical Review Surgical Management of Severe Keratoconus Ioana Teodora MARIN
52 Surgical Review Effectiveness of mechanical bowel preparation in adult and paediatric colorectal surgery Agilandiswari ARUMUGA JOTHI
53 Surgical Review SLAP as the culprit behind the Dead Arm Syndrome Rădulescu RAREȘ
54 Surgical Case Report The importance of strictly respecting indications of modern techniques in breast reconstruction Teodor AGAPE
55 Surgical Case Report A Rare Case of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis (TRAS) Associated with Pseudoaneurysm Avichal DANI
56 Surgical Case Report A rare cause of intestine intussusception and ischemia – Meckel’s diverticulum Anna PLISZKA
57 Surgical Case Report A case of Madura Foot in 50 year old male patient Darshini SHAH
58 Surgical Case Report An unfortunate case of bowel obstruction in a 20-year-old woman Simona-Maria TURCANU
59 Surgical Case Report Malignant melanoma – two cases with different outcomes Elena MOLDOVEANU