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International Medical Students’ Congress of Bucharest

6th – 10th of December 2023

Approaching our 7th edition as an international congress that has embraced diversity ever since its beginning, we felt that we owe continuity to our community by keeping pace with the on-going changes that are surrounding us and by honouring the scientific world for helping us all overcome a pandemic. Thus, IMSCB is increasing its range of activities year by year, providing the biggest variety of medical and non-medical events for a student’s congress.

We are bringing speakers from all around the world to join us for our journey through keynote lectures, roundtables, conferences and workshops. This year we want to offer you the chance to interact with your favourite speakers, and fully immerse yourself in the IMSCB experience.

Our extras


The IMSCBracelet makes checking into your events a lot easier; moreso, you can use your bracelet to see your booked events, alongside information about the congress just by touching it to your phone!


Roundtables are open dialogues that take place in English between the speaker and the audience, regarding various topics, which we consider a great opportunity for our participants to enlarge their scientific horizons.


The “Diagnosis” workshops are emblematic for IMSCB. They offer you the congress experience from the comfort of your home. These workshops are designed to put you in the shoes of a doctor, giving you the chance to exercise your medical knowledge and make decisions– the fate of the patient is in your hands!

Science Fair

Our goal this year is to offer you the opportunity to converse with some of Romania’s finest researchers and the students they work with so you can fully wrap your mind around what lab work as a student entails. Moreover, we would like to present some of the finest international scholarships and science contests, so as to fully immerse you in the world of science.

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