Social and Cultural

We need more than ever to be connected and help one another.

The IMSCB experience is attracting medical students from all over the world, not only for the scientific part of the congress, but also for its Social Programme that depicts a broad image of the culture and the complexity of our city, Bucharest also known as the “The Little Paris”.

The unfortunate events that happened lately have made us realise that we need more than ever to be connected and help one another. As a consequence, there is a big need for an exceptional Social Programme that will lift each other’s spirits up and bring a smile on our faces. 

With the help of our team, everyone will be able to experience Bucharest from home, allowing them to hop on a virtual tour in order to explore the unique architecture our city has to offer, learning more about the IMSCB’s backgrounds. By using the latest technology, we will try to make you feel like you are right here with us!  

Our parties have always presented an opportunity get to know each one of our participants, to hear the unique stories and make new friendships. Hence, this year, we’ve decided to hold the biggest online party, where you can meet new people from the comfort of your home, with no health risks involved. 

Join us in the IMSCB and do not waste the chance to engage in this exclusive experience.

In all of our past editions, we have managed to maintain a balance between the scientific world and the social aspect of the congress and we have never disappointed. We invite you to have a good time with us. Make sure to stick around for more information since we have many more surprises for you!

The IMSCB Art Exhibition


Welcome to the 2020 IMSCB Art Exhibition! This programme, organised by the IMSCB Department for Arts and Culture, is aimed at participants who wish to showcase their creativity and passion for the visual arts in a congress-wide art exhibition. This year, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition will be held entirely online. All artwork received will be showcased on a dedicated page on the website. Submissions should be aligned with this year’s theme, The World under our Lenses 

The 2020 Art Exhibition contains three sections:

Classic Canvas

Traditional visual artworks such as paintings, drawings, and collages, created on physical surfaces like paper or canvas. Feel free to get creative with the physical surface and materials used to bring your ideas into being! 

*Participants may ONLY submit scans of their artwork. Artwork in physical form will not be accepted! 

Digital Art

Visual artwork rendered through digital methods, utilizing digital drawing or graphic design software. Graphic pads allowed! 


Pictures captured on an analog or digital camera, edited by the photographer. 

There will be one winner for each category.

  • For each category, the winner will be determined by congress participants. They can pick their favourites using an online form which may found at (add link here) 
  • Any participant can submit artwork to one or more categories of their choice. 
  • All works of art will be exhibited on the IMSCB website. 

Submissions are LIMITED to IMSCB participants only.

We welcome your submissions from Monday, Oct. 18, at 00:00 until Sunday, Nov. 15, at 23:59 (GMT+3).

  • Submission requirements: allowed formats: .pdf; scanning resolution: minimum 1920×1080maximum 3840×2160; digital art: vector. 
  • Participants may ONLY submit scans of their artwork. Artwork in physical form will not be accepted. 
  • All participants submitting artwork consent to their work being exhibited on the IMSCB website.

For submissions of the artwork, please contact using the following format: 

  • The e-mail’s subject should contain the words “Art Exhibition”, followed by the full name of the participant (e.g. Art Exhibition – John Doe) 
  • The body of the e-mail should contain the following information: 
    • Art Exhibition“, followed by the appropriate category (Classic Canvas / Digital Art / Photography) 
    • Participant’s full name 
    • E-mail address used for registering on the IMSCB official website 
    • Title of the artwork 
    • Attached artwork