Social and Cultural

We need more than ever to be connected and help one another.

Now, as we find ourselves celebrating the 25th anniversary of our congress and the 5th edition of international presence, we are ready to take things to the next level. Therefore, we planned in the highest detail a hybrid social and cultural programme, that will ensure the safety of our participants, while enabling them to enjoy an on-site experience.

We value our participants, and we want them all to make the most out of their time, be it online or on-site, that is why we provide a highly entertaining summit edition and the best bonding opportunities for all memberships.

The IMSSB experience is attracting medical students from all over the world, not only for the scientific part of the summit, but also for its Social Programme. It depicts a broad image of the culture and the complexity of our city, Bucharest also known as the “The Little Paris”.

Last year’s edition proved to us that nothing could stay in the way of bonding with each other and creating powerful connections, not even a pandemic. Thus, we managed to enjoy a unique social programme and get entertained from the comfort of our own homes.

Let’s stay safe and connected! In the new normal, we can have both.