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The anniversary edition of our congress is about celebrating and embracing uniqueness, therefore, we are embarking on a new journey keeping in mind the following statement: ”Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Inspired by this premise, IMSSB set out with the aim of becoming an environment for debating and discussing medical and non-medical issues, bringing together students and healthcare professionals from all over the world.


Romanian Federation of

Medical Students’ Associations

Gather your ideas and dare to expose them to your colleagues while being guided on each topic by a group of specialists in the field during one of the carefully prepared roundtable meetings. All the suggestions will be assembled into “The Future Medical Changes” – a Summary of the showcased differences and opinions related to the current and future medical systems in Romania and around the world, presented at the IMSSB.

The Summary will also be submitted to FASMR (the Romanian Federation of Medical Students’ Associations) for further analysis and publication.

Our Congress also provides a platform for young science lovers to express and share their skills in the research field with other fellow students.

As the 1st place winner of one of the categories of the Abstract Contest (Original Study-Fundamental Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Surgical Sciences, Review and Case Report) you will have the chance to be part of a 30-minute showcase panel.

It will be held on Saturday, in one of the auditoriums specially designed for live conferences, and you will have the chance to tell the audience how you managed to perform at the highest level.

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     This type of event will be held ON-SITE      

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Space Medicine – a Journey out of this World

Makito Yurita, Senior Research Fellow National Institute for School Teachers and Staff Development also, Advisor for Space Education Centre, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Prof. Thais Russomano, MD, MSc, PhD; Dumitru Prunariu; Prof. Marlise Araujo dos Santos, B Pharm, MSc, PhD


Topics of Discussion

Is Someone’s Life More Valuable than Other’s? Patient Triage in Disasters

Prof. Lucian Negreanu, MD, PhD; Silvia Nica, MD, PhD

Often times, medical doctors and healthcare professionals found themselves in difficult positions, in which a decision needs to be taken immediately. How can you decide which is a priority during a major crisis? Join this roundtable if you are curious to find out and discuss your impressions with other experts and participants!

Mandatory Vaccination: to be or not to be

Lect. Valeriu Gheorghiță, MD, PhD

The current Pandemic has raised numerous issues in the whole world, of many types. Is vaccination truly the only way out? Should it be mandatory for every individual? If so, would it be against the Human Rights? These are only a few questions to be discussed during this intriguing roundtable!

The Ageing of the Population and its Impact on Public Health

Prof. Ana Capisizu, MD, PhD

As the aging population continues to rise, our healthcare system needs to continuously adapt and change. The main question is: are we ready for it? Pick this roundtable to share your thoughts!

Challenges in Youth Workforce Mental Health

Assoc. Prof. Diana Loreta Păun, MD, PhD; Andrei Baciu, MD

A lot of factors can impact on Mental Health, especially when it comes to young people, working in stressful and competitive domains. Anxiety, insomnia, sleep disorders, and attention-deficit are just some of the most common issues. During this roundtable, you get the chance to discuss what youth should know in terms of Mental Health.

Medicine – Between Acting and Reality

Prof. Liviu Lucaci, PhD; Assoc. Lect. Dorina Pătrunsu, PhD

Not rarely, medical characters or situations are portrayed in movies or series. However, can they offer an authentic image on how medical life truly is in real life?

Resilient Health Systems: Public Health and Healthcare

Prof. Alexandru Rafila, MD, PhD;

The concept of health system resilience has acquired traction in the global health debate, with UN policies, academic papers, and conferences all mentioning it.
Join us in order to discover what are the requirements of building resilience in health systems!

Ethics in Medicine – Crossing the Ethical Line

To be announced;

Ethics adds another dimension when it comes to doing the “right thing”. But in terms of life or death, when it comes to medical decisions, what does it actually mean to be an ethical physician? Is someone entitled to “cross the line”, with the purpose of doing good?

Non-communicable Chronic Diseases and Healthy Lifestyle

Lect. Ștefan Busnatu;

Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, smoking, substance consumption, these are all modifiable behaviors that can greatly affect health and the course of chronic diseases.

Telehealth and Innovation in Medicine

Prof. Robert Ancuceanu, MD, PhD; Lect. Ștefan Busnatu, MD, PhD;

In time, technology has made huge advancements in every domain and Medicine is not an exception. Can Telehealth revolutionise the Medical Field?
If you are passionate about telehealth, telemedicine, virtual care, digital health and eHealth, this roundtable is for you!

Medicine – A Cultural Approach

Prof. Adrian Titieni, PhD;

Even more often than we think, Culture has a huge impact when it comes to medical interactions.Culture is deeply involved in matters of hygiene and medical care, family planning and sometimes, may or may not have positive effects on individuals or groups of people.
How can we, as future medical doctors, adapt to cultural barriers in healthcare?